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AIROC™ Bluetooth
Hi, We are using CYW20704UA2KFFB1G BT device on the VIP6102 Android platform (with BCM SoC 7271). We want to know if there has been any new updates to... Show More
Radar sensor
Hello,Is there any function in the SDK that I can use to retrieve the Azimuth and Elevation angle from the radar data?I know the SDK has the Range-ang... Show More
AIROC™ Bluetooth
I copied the code from the midi_server example over to a new MTW project and I can send Midi notes to iOS apps (Garageband, MidiWrench). However the s... Show More
Hi, I followed this link to enable XMC_DEBUG/printf() function. https://community.infineon.com/t5/DAVE/DAVE-TIP-of-the-day-Semihosting-in-DAVEv4/td-p/309725?p=11700#post11700... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi, I have used IC IMC102 controller Motor to start the motor. In the configuration MCE Wizard, I set the switching frequency (inverter =Fsw=6Khz & PF... Show More
PSoC™ 4
How to solve? Show More
PSoC™ 6
Hi, I'm using the PSoC creator 4.2 version to design the device CY8C6137BZI-F54 . I have few iput discretes and few output discretes. When I used PSoC... Show More
AIMW120R035M1H I am planning to use a 1200V SiC FET, "AIMW120R035M1H" to construct a full 4 FET bridge for 25kW usage. But there is not a readily pack... Show More
PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

What is the future of the psoc5lp? Is it being abandoned?

Radar sensor
Hello Is there any firmware available for BGT60TR13C  module to send out some information about the direction of the movement or angle values?  I'm ru... Show More