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Hello, We have implemented a DRP with the controller CYPD3125 and the Mux PS8743B because the Mux PS8740B is not recommended for new design.  The CYPD... Show More
PSoC™ 6
Hi! The PSoC 6 lists 3 XTAL's Core, RTC and BLE, as these take up more or less same board space as the psoc itself, I wonder if there are any ways to ... Show More
PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1
I try to use Charge Pump that can get in the Paper(AN60580)    but there is no spec of current.    so i ask to you, How much current does Charge Pump ... Show More
PSoC™ 4
I am upgrading a design from using the Cy8C4246AZI to the Cy8C4248LQI-BL573 or BL583.  In my Cy8C4246 design I have an IR receiver module connected to... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
I have a fresh install of ModusToolbox 2.4 on my Mac running Big Sur OS. I did a git pull of the Amazon FreeRTOS project and based on AWS tutorial inf... Show More
Nor Flash
I am attempting to use the write buffer programming process to write all 256 16-bit words with the same constant value as part of a device sanitizatio... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Hello, In order to respect our cybersecurity requirements, I need to disable the support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1, only keeping TLS 1.2. I've noticed t... Show More
USB Superspeed Peripherals
Hello, I am trying to use the FX3 SlaveFIFO in 32-bit mode for automatic DMA transferring. I am able to fill up the buffers and send data to the host,... Show More
AIROC™ Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combos
Hi, We are testing WHD with Sterling-LWB5+ (CY4373E) and we have the following issue. In whd_wifi_on() country code setting fails and we get "Could no... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hi Cypress, I recently looking into the 4700S series, but i found that there are not much code example for this series, only 8 of them.  I tried to f... Show More

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