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I am using  xmc1300 development board for PFC stage in 3.4kW onboard EV charger. In the software for PI  voltage control loop I have to set the max po... Show More
USB Hosts Hubs Transceivers
It is connecting HS device as Upstream. And it is necessary to confirm the HS Host in the USB signal quality test(e.g. Proper Eye Measurement) . Is it... Show More
PSoC 6
Here is a system sample program hello_world. The sram usage rate of the program after the default compilation is too high, I now want to reduce the sr... Show More
USB Superspeed Peripherals
Hardware host: tinker board 2s(rk3399),kernel 5.13 slave: sg130gs(1280*720, YUYV, 30fps) + fpga(spartan 6) + cyusb3014, isochronous mode Pro... Show More
Nor Flash
Thank you very much for your help.  I am considering replacing S29PL127J60TFI130 with S29PL127J60TFI080. When comparing the VOH notation of these part... Show More
Nor Flash


Can I get thermal resistance theta j-a, theta j-b, theta j-c, and max junction temperature of S70FL01GSAGBHIC10 device?

To whom it may concerned , a CCG2 is emplyed on our USB4 Gen3 cable product which undergoes the compliance test w/ 3 items failed —  1)Ra is out of 80... Show More
PSoC 5, 3 & 1
  From the photo above, are we able to identify the part is genuine and originated from Cypress factory? The country origin is different, I would hop... Show More
PSoC 6
Hi. I have a dual-cpu design, based on one of the Cypress/Infineon example projects and document AN215656. I now need to implement DFU, but all the av... Show More
PSoC 6
I am creating a project to utilize the ADC of the PSoC6 as a thermistor circuit and the CapSense separately. When I try to generate the application I ... Show More

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