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In TC377, what's the problem with DMA and CPU access a same SRAM at the same time? For example, during CPU reading a variable DMA moves a data to the ... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi, Voltage trackers that I see in Infineon portfolio (for example TLS115B0EJ) are down to 2V (ADJ/OUT).  In my setup LDO input will be 5V, output cur... Show More
PSoC 4
Hello everybody, I have some problems to communicate with a 2D hall sensor from Infineon via I2C. First some background information: CY8CKIT-42 PSoC 4... Show More
  What does each character mean for the six characters on the body? eg. GAT036 on attached picture. Thanks in advance for help   Show More
FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU
There is tRDYI as a timing parameter to enable/disable MRDY. This parameter is related to MOEX and MCLK. It can be designed in Synchronous SRAM mode,... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Hello, I've an issue similar to this post https://community.infineon.com/t5/Wi-Fi-Combo/STM32F769NI-Murata-SN8000-Problem-with-high-throughput-clock/td-p/112986.... Show More
USB Superspeed Peripherals
Hardware host: PC, ubuntu 20.04 slave: sg130gs(1280*720, YUYV, 30fps) + fpga(spartan 6) + cyusb3014, isochronous mode Problem Can't open t... Show More
Hello all,I am using DAVE CAPTURE_GetPeriodInNanoSec to measure the period of a signal. I am calling that function every 2 ms (500 Hz). When the signa... Show More
PSoC 6
Hello,   I am trying to understand my possibilities regarding purchasing a company id for my BLE devices. When I look at resources on this site, all o... Show More
@Hello Support team, We have designed a custom board with NXP I.MXRT1020 MCU and Murata 1MW using freeRTOS. We have an application running on RT1020 w... Show More

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