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I've two containers running in docker. My API (and standard part) is /abc/{xyz}/xmc, where xyz is, of course, dynamic as this is provided by the user ... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Hello experts, I trying to design a host application to update the firmware of my device. I am following CyControlCenter.pdf provided in the SDK  -->C... Show More
Radar sensor
i am using distance2go. And I have some problems about detecting and measuring the distance of stationary objects. The results are very inaccurate whe... Show More
LITIX™ Automotive LED Driver IC
We are developing a LED driver based on Infineon IC ICL5102. We are facing a problem with the burst Mode (BM) operation of the IC.    We want to intro... Show More
PSoC™ 6
We are working on the building  of an Agristation for agriculture diagnostics so we want to know how many communication protocols  SCB's can be implim... Show More
Radar sensor
Hello again, Anybody can explain why at 2,4 m, I got the returned signal with Magnitude = 62.18 dB, but at 1.6 m I just got 55.54 dB!!   Your answeri... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi,   We're at the point of deliberating the floating power supply (VAA and VSS) design. We'd like to pull up the power pin with an external resistor ... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Hi, I am working on a Denebola CX3 Kit which comes with a OV5640 image sensor. I used the sample application "Cx3UvcOV5640" and flashed the board. I a... Show More
Radar sensor
Hello, For my application with the BGT60TR13C demo board, I have to do micro motion at the same time than normal motion. I want to incorporate my micr... Show More
USB low-full-high speed peripherals
We used this CY7C65630-56LFXA chip on our equipment. On each unit, we have two chips to control 6 SD cards. While on Win7 OS, we have no problems to h... Show More

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