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Radar sensor
I am using the Radar GUI to play with the BGT60LTR11AIP. Using the default settings. The Direction Tracker Panel responds well to movements. However t... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hi all!I must properly protect the BTT3050EJ output from a short circuit to battery (36V). https://www.infineon.com/dgdl/Infineon-BTT3050EJ-DataSheet-v01_00-EN.pdf?fileId=8ac78c8c7e7124d1017f07f285a22bc2... Show More
Hello, Is someone can share source using illd to trigger Adc group conversion with atom. My Adc conversion is never launched 😞  thanks in avance  reg... Show More
PSoC™ 6
Dears, based on USB Audio Device (FreeRTOS) demo  I have more question regarding clock settings. I create rather new thread. I am using PSOC6 (on CY8CPROTO-062-4343W... Show More
AIROC™ Bluetooth
Hello, I need to play short sound on CYW20706 HFP device when I turn on the device. I know that some functionality as voice route is disabled. But eac... Show More
Power Management ICs


Can you please explain the attached WLC1115 debug log?

Best Regards

AIROC™ Bluetooth
Hello, Can someone please explain how wiced_memory_allocate() allocates the memory?  I tried wiced_bt_create_pool() to create some pools and then chec... Show More
Radar sensor
Hello, I am using the BGT60TR13C radar board to perform segmentation task using raspberry pi and I would like to adjust the maximum detectable range o... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
I am looking to find a BSDL file for Cypress part number CY37064P10-125axi.   And it´s possible to read the program from this CPLD? Thank you. Romeu Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hi,I'm trying to configure Ctrl+Left Click as a shortcut for "Goto Definition" using "Customize shortcuts" window. But, there's no way to configure mo... Show More