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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1
Hello Infineon World!  I'm using PSoC 5LP (CY8KIT-59) and I'm reading the data of a 3 axial accelerometer using the 3 ADCs. I want to send the 3 axis ... Show More
Nor Flash
Hi All, We are using  S29AL008J70TFI010 in one of our projects and I am wondering what would be a logic to keep the life of the device as long as poss... Show More
PSoC™ 4
Hi, I am using Cypress CY8C4124LQI-443. Software development started several years ago. At this time there was information about the principle of oper... Show More
USB Superspeed Peripherals

我的板子使用官方固件,各方面工作显示是正常的,在从Control Center 写入带有虚拟串口功能的固件后,Control Center中就没有任何信息了,不知道是什么原因

Hyper Flash
AM29LV040读模式下电源电流(ICC2)测试条件中OE#给H,但读模式OE#应该L,应该如何理解,谢谢 Show More
PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1
Hello all, I would like to know what would be quickest migration of the PSoC device towards a newer PSoC device which is recommended for new designs (... Show More
USB Superspeed Peripherals
Hello all, I am working on FX3 while interfacing a camera sensor with it. I need to debug and as mentioned that there are some ways to do so using seg... Show More
USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals
Hi, In my application I use the CY7C65213 to communicate from the device to my receiver program. When the device on the uart is sending data but the r... Show More
USB Superspeed Peripherals
      ruslan@Ruslans-iMac lib % make g++ -dynamiclib libcyusb.c -o libcyusb.0.1.dylib -l usb-1.0 clang: warning: treating 'c' input as 'c++' when in C... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo

CYW954907AEVAL1F    Will the PC be recognized as a network card?

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