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USB superspeed peripherals
我使用的开发板是CYUSB3KIT-003。开发板在StreamerExample模式下正常启动后,PC端通过EP0端口给开发板发送一个字节,开发板响应代码如下所示: if(itype == 64 && itarget == 2 && ireq_type==66 && irequest ==... Show More
Nor Flash
hello everyone! I would like to ask how to complete flash self-detection? Or is there a more convincing way to use the detection process in a real pro... Show More
Non Volatile RAM (F-RAM & NVSRAM)
I am trying to read the Device ID from a CY15B104QN-50SXA chip and am getting out 0x402CC27F7F7F7F7F7F, which is the LSB to MSB read of the actual dev... Show More
Radar sensor
Hi everybody, Currently, I want to execute BGT60ATR24C  device with source code "Communication Library C" Output is data slice that has format: 0.5069... Show More
Gate Driver IC's
Hi, can the EVAL-M1-IR2214 work by DC100V direct power supply on Test Ports of DC+ and PGND ? If any concern, please let me know.   Best Regards, Kazu... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
If I need to use multiple endpoints of fx3, should I use them in order? That means I should use ep1, then ep2, ep3, and so on. Can I not use ep2, inst... Show More
PSoC™ 6
Hello,I'm trying to program a hex file to CY8C6136 using Segger J-flash (V7.66a). Q1. Which one should I choose from the list below in the Target Devi... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
I have implemented a U3V camera with FX3014, but the CMOS sensor has DVP parallel interface. In order to use MIPI or LVDS CIS with high resolution, I ... Show More
Nor Flash
hi everyone, i want to find Source code for programming Parallel NOR Flash (S29GL01GP). Recently, i learn the S29GL01Gp chip according to datasheet. i... Show More
Nor Flash
hello! I am trying to erase the chip according to the chip sheet. my program is like the picture which is the same as the sheet example. However, when... Show More

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