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Nor Flash
Hello, Does infineon provide HDL for their NOR flash s25fl256 (S25FL256SAGMFI001) ? Thank you, James Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Hi, I've written a custom bootloader for the CYUSB3014-BZXC using the Cypress Boot API. We've been using this bootloader without issue for the past co... Show More
Hi,  Going thoroughly through CYT4BF datasheets and TRM, I see that the MCU has 2 M_TTCAN controller with 5 channels each. What are the limitations of... Show More
PSoC™ 4
  Hello everyone, I have a question. Why is there a string of code at the bottom of the chip? How can this happen? Who knows and tells me why???     L... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
Hi all, I have to read the frequency of a square wave around 500kHz (50%).What's the best way? Can it be done with the Timer (HAL) by reading the widt... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
I use eeprom middleware on an PMG1-S3. When putting code  and include inside main I just have to define my include like this #include "cy_em_eeprom.h"... Show More
Hi I am having trouble with extracting a .tar.gz file and accessing its files on a docker image. I've tried looking around Stackoverflow, but the solu... Show More
Hi I'd like to kwow what is the proper solution to start syncronously the conversion  of two ADC channels queue. Lets suppose I've on G8 and G9 two qu... Show More
Dear Community, I am trying to use the DAVE IDE on my MacBook Pro running macOS Monterey (version 12.4) which has the Apple M1 Pro chip. To use DAVE, ... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Hi infineon team,  I port my source code ( build using 1.3.1) to 1.3.4 SDK. Upon compiling my code, I get an error message such as SYS_MEM overflowed ... Show More

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