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Good Afternoon, In my application, I have two TC367 controllers on the same PCB (ECU) and QSPI0 from Controller1 is connected to QSPI0 of Controller2.... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hi, I'm Rachit Blaggan working as Lead Engineer in Atronics Test Systems, India. I require BSDL file for MB9BF416R Device, Package - SQFP. I need to t... Show More
AIROC™ Bluetooth
Hello, I am using CYBT-343026-01, using Bluetooth Classic is it possible to serve HTML pages over HTTP server using any profile? Here once I connect t... Show More
PSoC™ 6
I am using S25FL064L with CY8C624ABZI.I create a project "QSPI_Flash_Read_Write" and change the target to S25FL064L and code works.Now i want to let S... Show More
Hi, It is under consideration to use the EVAL_IMD700A_FOC_3SH. When the board has been modified for single shunt from three shunt also a software on X... Show More
AIROC™ Bluetooth
I am not sure if this is the correct forum.  I was previously working on development using WICED studio and Laird-EWB.  I was informed recently that t... Show More
Community Translations
Dear supporter   I want to translate the following KBA((KA-03463), please confirm to my work.   https://community.infineon.com/t5/Knowledge-Base-Articles/Difference-between-OptiMOS-6-and-OptiMOS-5-in-100V-KA-03463/ta-p/357458... Show More
Class D Audio
Hi, I have just repaired a commercial product power amplifier. It uses an IRS2092 to drive 2x IRFB4227 directly from HO and LO via 6.8ohm gate resisto... Show More
AIROC™ Bluetooth
Hi, I have the CYBT-343026-01 module and I need to implement the HID over bluetooth. Could you help me to understand which is the best way to do it? ... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I have faced MIC(Message Integrity Check) error for LE connection. I can see same issue on following link, could you help how to resolve? For more inf... Show More

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